In April, the total floor area permitted increased by 4.0% compared to a year earlier, thanks to an increase in residential and industrial buildings

Total floor area of permitted buildings by building type

April saw the highest number of housing starts in the capital in the last two years

Number of building permits issued and dwellings to be built based on simple declarations

In the first quarter of 2022, the number of dwellings built in both single-family houses and multi-dwelling buildings fell compared to a year earlier

Number of dwellings built in new residential buildings per quarter

Prices in both the second-hand and new-home markets were up by more than a fifth year-on-year in Q4 2021, with a significant increase

Pure price change of dwellings

By April, the share of apartments for rent in the district groups of the capital had fallen almost to pre-pandemic levels

Proportion of dwellings for rent in Budapest

In April, asking rents were 6.9% higher nationally and 3.2% higher in the capital than the pre-pandemic peak in January 2020

HCSO‒ rent index