In July, the volume of industrial production surpassed the low base measured a year earlier due to the partial shutdowns by 8.0% and nearly equalled the figure recorded two years earlier

Change in the volume of industrial production

In July, production was around the level of the previous months

Change in the volume of industrial production

Export and domestic sales in July exceeded the lower base of a year earlier, with domestic sales down and export sales up compared to June

Volume changes in industrial domestic and export sales

As in June, export orders books grew more strongly than domestic orders books in July

Changes in the end of month stock of orders at the most significant manufacturing divisions*

Electrical equipment manufacturing again performed strongly in July as battery production ramped up

Changes in the production volume in the major subsections of manufacturing, July 2021

The manufacture of electrical equipment made the largest contribution to manufacturing output growth in July

Monthly contribution of subsections to the volume changes in manufacturing production

Production in the largest manufacturing sub-sectors was close to or above pre-pandemic levels, except in transport equipment manufacturing, where production fell mainly due to plant closures and single-shift working

Production volume changes in the five largest manufacturing subsections

The volume of construction output in July exceeded the low base one year earlier by 22% and was 3.3% lower than two years earlier

Construction output volume change

The volume of construction of buildings was at the pre-pandemic level, while that of civil engineering was lower in July

Volume changes in construction output by main groups of construction

The end-of-July stock of contracts of construction enterprises was 19% higher than one year earlier

Volume changes of end-of-month stock of contracts at construction enterprises by main groups of construction