The number of full-time students in primary and secondary schoos decreased year-on-year in 2022, while that of kindergarten students grew

Number of students applying for secondary school admission
Last update: 01/19/2023

The number of tertiary education students was 207 thousand in 2022, similar to the previous year

Number of students admitted to tertiary educational institutions within general and second admission procedures
Last update: 01/19/2023

In Quarter 3 of 2022, the number of books supplied for legal deposit decreased year-on-year

Number of books and booklets handed in as legal deposit by quarters

The capacity of infant nurseries continually increased during the last six years

Changes in the number of infant nursery places by type of service

Infant nurseries operate with different occupancy levels countrywide; the number of enrolled children surpassed the number of places in 7 districts

Utilisation of infant nursery services on district level, 31 May 2022