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Summary tables (STADAT) - Themes

Major data, indicators collected by HCSO or transmitted by other organizations are included in the table system of ready-made tables. We release territorial data by county and region and major international data by the member states of the European Union as well as by some other countries to ensure the option of intra-country and cross country comparison. On 1 February 2020, a withdrawal agreement entered into force between the European Union and the United Kingdom (Brexit).Reducing the EU to 27 member states significantly changes aggregated (average, total, etc.) EU data. However, due to the different purposes of use, consideration should be given to the simultaneous communication of old and new aggregates, and the back-calculation of time series for the new composition is also an issue to be addressed. Taking all this into account, it is necessary to restructure the publication of EU statistics. The major directions for change. The STADAT-tables are free to download – in an Excel format as well – and to print. There is a methodological guide to facilitate the interpretation of the tables. The tables belonging to the given first releases will be indicated in the contents of STADAT tables, and they will be updated along with the publication of first releases, at 9.00 a.m. More »

Theme Long time series Time series of annual data Infra-annual data
1. Population, vital statistics
2. Society
2.1. Labour market
2.2. Income, living conditions
2.3. Dwellings, public utilities
2.4. Health care, accidents
2.5. Social protection
2.6. Education
2.7. Culture
2.8. Justice
3. General economic indicators
3.1. National accounts, GDP
3.2. Business units and non-profit organisations, annual performances and expenses of enterprises
3.3. Investment
3.4. Research, development
3.5. External trade
3.6. Prices
3.7. Finance
3.8. Energy
4. Economic branches
4.1. Agriculture
4.2. Industry
4.3. Construction
4.4. Internal trade
4.5. Tourism, catering
4.6. Transport
4.7. Information, communication
5. Environment
6. Regional statistics
6.1. Population, vital events
6.2. Society
6.3. General economic indicators
6.4. Economic branches
6.5. Environment
7. International statistics
9. Other statistics