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Dear Intrastat Data Provider!


Please be informed about the changes in Intrastat-data provision entering into force in 2019:


  1. Changes in the way of data provision:

    The statistical report from January 2019 reference month has to be provided exclusively via the KSH-ELEKTRA (available in Hungarian only) data collection system. The currently used Intrastat E-star system, which is accessible at https://intrastat.ksh.gov.hu will be stopped at the end of January 2019.

      Attention! Intrastat reports relating to the months of 2018 should still be provided via the Intrastat E-star system! Any corrections or updates of previous reports relating to 2018 can be provided via the current Intrastat E-star system by the end of January 2019, only.
      In order to facilitate the smooth change in the data collection system, please check your contact details in the Intrastat E-star system and please update them, if needed.

    The organisation in charge of data collection will also change: The Hungarian Central Statistical Office will take over this task from Kopint-Datorg Kft.

  2. Changes in the scope of data to be reported:

    • Data elements ‘mode of transport’ and ‘delivery terms’ will be dropped in both reports on dispatches and arrivals, while ‘country of destination outside EU’ will be deleted from the report on dispatches.
    • The report on dispatches will cover two new data elements, ‘country of origin’ and ‘partner ID number’. The provision of these two data elements will be voluntary in 2019, but please try to prepare these information as far as possible, because their collection is expected to be obligatory in 2020, due to changes in EU legislation.
    The Intrastat reports and their guides for 2019 are accessible at the following links:

    Another important change in the KSH-ELEKTRA Intrastat report, that items (records) shoud be consolidated: if all parameters (product code, nature of transaction code etc.) of different transactions are the same, then they must be summed up for the calendar month.

    The new reporting system will not allow the submission of reports which do not meet the above consolidation criteria!

    If you have any question about completing the Intrastat report, please contact HCSO via the following e-mail address: intrastat_atallas_2019@ksh.hu.

  3. Besides manual completion of Intrastat forms, uploading data files will also be possible in the KSH-ELEKTRA system, but their format will be different from CSV and Excel files currently used in the Intrastat E-star system:

    If internal or external software developers of your company wish to test loading of CSV or XML data files generated by your internal IT system, please contact the IT team of HCSO at the following e-mail address: elektra@ksh.hu.

    For further information on statistical reporting via KSH-ELEKTRA system please visit KSH-ELEKTRA Elektronikus adatgyűjtés (available in Hungarian only).

Thank you for your co-operation!