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Intrastat - News

Dear Intrastat Data Provider!


Please be informed that the Intrastat reports has to be provided exclusively via the KSH-ELEKTRA data collection system from 2019.

Information on the preparation of the questionnaires can be found at Electronic declaration site.

For further information on registration and statistical reporting via KSH-ELEKTRA system please visit KSH-ELEKTRA Elektronikus adatgyűjtés (available in Hungarian only).

Additional important changes from 2019:

  • items (records) must be consolidated: if all parameters (product code, nature of transaction code etc.) of different transactions are the same, then they must be summed up for the calendar month;
  • data elements ‘mode of transport’ and ‘delivery terms’ have been deleted in both reports on dispatches and arrivals also, while ‘country of destination outside EU’ has been canceled from the report on dispatches;
  • two new data elements, ‘country of origin’ and ‘partner ID number’ have been added to the report on dispatches. The provision of these two data elements is still voluntary in 2019, but please try to prepare these information as far as possible, because their collection is expected to be obligatory in 2020, due to changes in EU legislation.

Thank you for your co-operation!