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Intrastat - Electronic declaration

Please note that the 2019 questionnaire can only be sent in CSV form via the “KSH-Elektra” electronic data collection system!

Information on the preparation of the 2019 questionnaire:
CSV description, OSAP 2010 (pdf, 381 KB)
CSV template, OSAP 2010 (csv, 3 KB)
CSV example file, OSAP 2010 (csv, 5 KB)

CSV description, OSAP 2012 (pdf, 381 KB)
CSV template, OSAP 2012 (csv, 3 KB)
CSV example file, OSAP 2012 (csv, 5 KB)

Downloadable program:
Correcting errors and aggregating transactions (exe, 320 KB)
Information (txt, 2 KB)

ELEKTRA Registration:
ELEKTRA own registration (pdf, 329 KB)
ELEKTRA delegated registration (pdf, 422 KB)
ELEKTRA-INTRASTAT guide (pdf, 5 482 KB)

ELEKTRA Developer’s Guide:
ELEKTRA Developer’s Guide – Generating Questionnaires (pdf, 392 KB)
Data XML Structure (pdf, 278 KB)
Validations and Calculations (pdf, 313 KB)
Physical Description of Data Components (pdf, 129 KB)
Data XML Schema (pdf, 412 KB)
Physical Description of Questionnaire Template Components (pdf, 223 KB)
kerdoivsablon.xsd File (xsd, 23 KB)
kerdoiv.xsd File (xsd, 4 KB)