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Hungarian Statistical Review - Manuscript status - What happens to manuscripts after submission?

Reviewing. All contributions will be initially assessed by the editor-in-chief for suitability for the journal. Papers deemed suitable are then sent to a reviewer who has specific expertise in the field, to assess the scientific quality of the manuscript. The journal uses double-blind review, which means that throughout the review process the authors’ identities are concealed from the reviewer, and vice versa. The reviewer is asked to advise the editor-in-chief whether the manuscript is of importance to the field of statistics; the reviewer also comments on the manuscript’s relevance, clarity, and conciseness.
To facilitate this process, authors should submit the title page containing their personal data (full name, position, organisation, e-mail address) and a blinded manuscript with no details as two separate files.
After review, the editor-in-chief considers the reviewer’s comments and decides if the manuscript is to be accepted in its current form, accepted subject to minor revisions, potentially publishable but requiring significant revisions, or not suited to publication in the Hungarian Statistical Review.
The primary reasons for rejection of a paper are: the manuscript is not suitable for peer review, it does not comply with the aim and scope of the journal or does not add new information to previous findings, or it contains plagiarized passages.
Authors are provided with the reviewers’ comments (sometimes with additional comments made by the editor-in-chief) and are informed of the decision.

Editing, and proofreading by the author. All manuscripts will undergo some editorial modification, so it is important to check proofs carefully. Proofs will be sent as MS Word document (doc)/pdf file via e-mail to the (corresponding) author for proofreading. To avoid delays in publication, proofs should be checked and returned as soon as possible.