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The central information service of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office:

  • provides information on all data included in publications formerly issued by the HCSO either on internet or in paper-based publications. Standard fee for individual services that can be completed within one working hour: HUF 7,500 + VAT
  • mediates between customers and the competent statistical departments, if the data request can solely be satisfied from the internal, not public database of the HCSO
  • provides help in finding other information (on data collections, methodological and technical issues) searched for
  • issues confirmation on statistical codes. Fee for making out officially stamped documents: HUF 7,000 + VAT
  • sells publications issued by the HCSO, in the office of the Information service or via internet
  • takes a position in questions of statistical classifications. Fee for preparing positions on classifications: HUF 7,000 + VAT

    Attention! In order to ensure uniform and consistent classifications it is only the central information service of the HCSO that takes position, solely in writing!



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Phone: +36 (1) 345 6789
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