We are introducing the Hungarian Central Statistical Office


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office is a professionally independent central government office with a long tradition.


Main tasks of the HCSO:
Designing and conducting surveys, recording, - proccessing and storing data, data analyses- and dissemination, protection of individual data.
The Office provides data for the parliament and public administration, social organizations, local authorities, scientific bodies, economic organizations, the general public and the media as well as for international organizations and users abroad. Official data regarding the socio-economic situation as well as the changes in the population of the country are published by the HCSO.


The publicity work of the office is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Relevance,
  • Impartiality and objectivity,
  • Timeliness and punctuality,
  • Coherence and comparability,
  • Accessibility and clarity,
  • Free public service,
  • Provision of content that can be tailored to groups of users,
  • Close co-operation with representatives of scientific community,
  • Bilingual publication