Summary tables (STADAT) - General information

Major data, indicators collected by HCSO or transmitted by other organizations are included in the table system of ready-made tables. In the interest of easier orientation the tables are divided into 7 main topics:


  1. Population, vital events
  2. Society
  3. General economic indicators
  4. Sectors of economy
  5. Environment
  6. Territorial data
  7. International comparison


In each topic there are separate tables to illustrate annual, intra-year and longitudinal data series. Time series of annual data provide a deeper insight into the socio-economic state of our country. Through the shorter time series of intra-year data monthly and/or quarterly changes can be followed. Longer term time series are released only on our main indicators.

We release territorial data by county and region and major international data by the member states of the European Union as well as by some other countries to ensure the option of intra-country and cross country comparison. Table contents are annually updated by the HCSO staff taking into account user needs and changes in data collections.


In the tables, preliminary annual data are marked by blue, while data corrections referring to previous years by green. In the table of contents of each topic, the precise date when the table was updated is also indicated with red color three days long after the updating. There is a methodological guide to facilitate the interpretation of the tables. For more information on what is behind the data, please click on the Metainformation menu point.

After displaying the given table, homogeneous data groups, publications and maps can be accessed from the dissemination database.

Tables are free to download – in an excel format as well – and to print.


You may send your remarks and proposals on the tables to the email address .


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