Year Less than primary and primary education Secondary education with vocational qualification, without high school diploma Secondary education with high schoool diploma Tertiary education Totala
with vocation qualification without vocational education college or bachelor's degree university diploma, master's degreeb
Gross earnings per person, HUF/person/month
2019 226,393 285,469 332,949 342,152 479,312 655,758 367,926
2020 249,000 304,864 359,652 370,167 524,796 695,768 401,107


Enterprises with at least 5 employees, budgetary institutions on a full scope basis and non-profit organisations significant in respect of employment. Source of data: Structure of Earnings Survey.
Total earnings are calculated of the Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) data. SES average earnings are the sum of the October regular earnings and the monthly average of non-regular bonuses in the reference year.
Including PhD.