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Agricultural census - Census on vineyards and orchards in 2001

Data and publications of census on vineyards and orchards in 2001

Vineyards in Hungary, 2001 (Data by settlements) (Publication Repertory)
Vineyards in Hungary, 2001 (Summary data) (Publication Repertory)
Orchards in Hungary, 2001 Volume I, II (Publication Repertory)
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Statistical terms used in publications

 Basic condition for using data is to know the statistical terms. We would like to ensure this with the help of the definitions of these terms.

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Questionnaires of the Census of 2001

"A" Data on farms (pdf, 282 KB)
"B" Data on vineyards (pdf, 254 KB)
"C" Data on orchards (pdf, 287 KB)

History of censuses on vineyards and orchards in Hungary

In Hungary a census on orchards was held in 1895. The first census on vineyards was carried out between 1961 and 1963.
There was a data content surplus in the framework of census of 2001 compared to previous censuses.

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Legal background

In compliance with Act. No. CXLIII of 2000, a census on vineyards and orchards was conducted between 1 June and 15 October in 2001 by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office.

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