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Data Collection Program – 2015

The task and purpose of statistics are to give a true and objective picture on the state of and changes in the society, the economy, the property relations and the environment for state and public authorities as well as for the organizations and members of the society. To achieve this goal, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office compiles its data collection programme and organizes the transfer and receipt of data.

Dear Data Provider!

Simultaneously with the publication of the 2015 National Data Collection Programme (OSAP), HCSO provides an opportunity for organizations with statistical code (tax code) to obtain information in advance on their reporting obligations to the HCSO to be completed by 31 December 2015. Within the meaning of Section 2 (4) of Government Decree 288/2009 (XII.5.) on the data collections and data receptions of the National Data Collection Programme, HCSO accepts the performance of data collections designated in the annexes to the Government Decree exclusively through the HCSO ELEKTRA information system (http://elektra.ksh.hu/) designed for this purpose. The HCSO ELEKTRA, the electronic data collection system renewed by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office makes the provision of information simpler and more user-friendly and decreases the administrative burdens of those affected.

The submission method of the questionnaires (through the HCSO ELEKTRA electronic system or other) is shown in the "to be sent" box of the events calendar containing the reporting obligations. Moving forward from the events calendar, the template of questionnaires to be sent through the HCSO ELEKTRA system in 2015 can be viewed and the questionnaires not to be sent electronically are available to download.

You can find the submission method / address and deadline of each questionnaire also under the menu item of www.ksh.hu → Adatszolgáltatóinknak → Nyomtatványok (direct link is: http://www.ksh.hu/nyomtatvanyok).