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Regional Atlas – Below-settlement-level statistics

We present here those sub-settlement territorial units the HCSO is able to assign statistical data to. Elements of geographical graticule, census blocks, city quarters, settlement quarters, segregated parts belong here.

The “below-settlement-level statistics” topic contains statistics for area units independent from administrative territorial delimitations. Individual statistical data and the corresponding geographical coordinates (spatial data) must be linked in order to obtain these statistics. By linking statistical and spatial data a – more detailed than before – regional statistical data becomes accessible, describing and articulating social, economic and environmental processes. Several international organisations and laws support the propagation of utilising statistics based on geographical position fixing. Among them the UNGGIM (United Nations initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management) plays a prominent role. From the European cooperation point of view UNGGIM Europe, the European member of above organisation as well as EFGS (European Forum for Geography and Statistics) set up by the European Statistical System play a similarly important part. Statistics related spatial data, classifications and standards are available and downloadable from the INSPIRE Directive – which set the goal of starting the common European spatial data production and service – and the spatial data related Eurostat sites.

Statistics adjusted to geographical graticules

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office publishes since 2014 statistics adjusted to geographical graticules, through exact geographical coordinates linked to statistical information. Data is visible and applicable on the ETRS89 LAEA projection system – suited for European comparison –, on the Integrated National Projection system (EOV) and other major projection systems. Applicable resolutions may differ based on the statistical subject; we are able to supply data as per 1 km² and 25 km² cells.

Further information, maps and metadata for download to be found at the INSPIRE site of the HCSO website.

Census block

Census blocks are built-in areas enclosed by streets, natural boundaries, forming independent enumeration districts, or part of them, or perhaps part of several enumeration districts. These territorial units were the smallest territorial building blocks of the last census. The Hungarian Central Statistical Office – by adhering to the related data protection laws – aggregates and provides, on special order, statistical data of the 2011 census (and certain statistical registers) for the blocks used during the census. The customer is able to form optional territorial units by merging the blocks.

City quarters, settlement quarters

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office manages the Detailed Gazetteer of Hungary, in conformity with Act CLV of 2016 on Official Statistics, keeping detailed record of every settlement and settlement quarter of the country. The gazetteer specifies the settlement quarters (according to the law) as follows: the central inner-city area of the settlement, other, named (inhabited or not) inner-city areas, peripheries. By city quarters it means a delimited and named territorial unit formed within the central inner-city areas of towns of county rank, cities, as well as within the administrative boundaries of the capital, adopted by special decision by the representative body of the settlement’s local government, the General Assembly of Budapest, or adopted by the city development plan. At present only the Budapest data is broken down to city quarters, too, in the gazetteer. Considering that the city quarters were formed within the administrative boundaries of the capital a city quarter may overstep the administrative boundaries of two or perhaps even more districts of the capital.

Segregated parts

Based on the detailed data of the 2011 census it is possible to reveal the underprivileged areas, segregated parts of a settlement. Based on Government Decree 314/2012 the Hungarian Central Statistical Office performs the screening of segregated parts within a settlement on special request, produces the indicators characterising the settlement and the delimited segregated areas as well as the segregated area-map of the settlement.