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Accessing our Services


User requests regarding data access and other services should be submitted to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in person, by phone or in writing.

Customer service – in person or by phone

Information service offers, during office hours, guidance for customers in person or by phone regarding statistical data made public - before data access requests being submitted - on the HCSO website or through the Office’s publications as well as regarding other services, as follows:

In-person customer service:

HCSO Information service

1024 Budapest, 14 – 18 Fényes Elek str.

Phone: (+36 1) 345 6789

Office hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8 am to 4 pm

Friday: 8 am to 2 pm


Fulfilling requests in writing

User requests may be submitted in writing through the Contact us! menu on our website.

In connection with submitted written data requests, the Information service co-worker informs the customer in 5 working days about where and in what form the requested data is to be found. In case the data is available on the HCSO website the reply email will contain the data access links. If the data is only available in print the HCSO co-worker is going to inform the customer where the given publication is available or where a copy could be purchased.

In case it becomes clear – during the professional and data protection feasibility assessment - that the requested public interest data cannot be obtained from the public databases or publications of the HCSO or the HCSO does not possess the requested data, - so it has to be produced from non-public databases - the HCSO co-worker informs the customer in 5 working days about the way the request could be fulfilled.

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