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Classification statement

Description of the service

  • In relation to statistical classifications (e.g. TEOR , VTJ , TESZOR , FEOR , GFO ), we provide assistance with self-classification and, if required, we issue a classification statement.
  • In order to ensure a uniform and consistent classification, only the Information Service of the HCSO issues classification statements, in writing only.

Who can use it?

We assist anyone in self-classification and classification statements can be requested by anyone.

How to access the service?

By submitting a request via the Contact Us! application.

Fulfilment of the request submitted

  • Within 5 working days of receipt of the classification request, the Information Service will send information, a proposal and, if required, a quotation to the customer.
  • Once the quotation has been accepted, the classification statement will be sent to the customer within a maximum of 15 working days.

Form documents


Self-classification is also possible. This means that economic entities themselves choose the codes from the public nomenclatures that best suit their activity.

This is facilitated by the content definitions of the statistical classifications available in the Classifications section of the website (link), the translation keys and the various search engines (e.g.. TEOR search engine, VTJ-search engine).

If the exact classification of a given activity, product, service or economic entity is unclear or disputed, given the structure of the classification, the definitions of the content of the elements, the methodological guide and the translation keys, please contact our staff via the Contact us! interface.

Availability of the nomenclatures:

HCSO is not competent for the legal conditions for carrying out the activity (operating licence, premises licence, professional qualifications, education, etc.).

For information on licences, please contact the authority or municipality that issued the licence, and for information on qualifications, please contact the local branch of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For information on the Combined Nomenclature (CN), a please contact the NAV Institute of Experts. NAV Expert Institute Nomenclature Department, 1163 Budapest, Hsk Fasora 20-24, 1163 Budapest. Phone (1) 402-2231, (1) 402-2233.