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Policies, guidelines

National Statistics Code of Practice

    The aim of the National Statistics Code of Practice (henceforth: Code) is to facilitate, unify on a high standard level the fulfilment of this public task in Hungary, in all national organisations participating in the development, production, publication of the official statistics.
    Different criteria belong to different principles of the Code, these stand as requirements to be fulfilled by statistical organisations, thus the general description of the principle gains its detailed content. These criteria define the expectations, matching requirements binding statistical organisations to fulfil them as fully as possible.

Data confidentiality policy (pdf, 204 KB)

    The establishment of data confidentiality policy is a major element of the strategic planning of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the definition of principles and rules to be followed when protecting data handled with a statistical purpose. The framework of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office’s data confidentiality policy is defined by the professional independence of the institution, the Act CLV of 2016 on Official Statistics.

Quality policy (pdf, 712 KB)

    The data and releases of the HCSO must be fit for purpose, must comply with certain quality components. The Quality policy defines the principles that assist the HCSO in complying with these requirements in regard to its data and products.

Data revision policy (pdf, 308 KB)

    Data revision policy contains the general principles of data review, supports the transparency of revision methods, facilitates their comprehension, thus making data easier to understand and use.

Dissemination and communication policy (pdf, 681 KB)

    Dissemination is the phase of statistical work when our products, services are made available for users in the most convenient form, fit for the users’ purposes. The aim of the dissemination and communication policy is the definition of this activity’s main principles.

Information security policy (pdf, 233 KB)

    The HCSO possesses one of the most significant official statistics data assets of Hungary; due to its activity, protection of data and information systems is considered a high priority, ensured by an appropriately protected operational and electronic information infrastructure, in accordance with information security principles and with the security classification.

Quality guidelines (pdf, 2 809 KB)

    One of the goals of this document is to formulate general expectations and recommendations regarding statistical processes and sub-processes for the HCSO management, employees and those responsible for the given phase of the process in order to reach the best possible process and output quality. On the other hand, it aims to inform the HCSO data users about the best practices used in data production.

Hungarian Generic Statistical Business Process Model (HGSBPM) (pdf, 520 KB)

    The HGSBPM incorporates the phases of the statistical data production process, the defined sub-processes resulting from the process breakdown as well as the comprehensive areas (quality management, statistical data management and metadata management).