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Data request

Anyone can submit a request for statistical data managed by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, regardless of whether they need data already published on the website or in a publication, available from a public source or produced on request from the internal databases of the HCSO.

Statistical data available from public sources

Description of the service

Aggregated data and data files, public use files and related methodological information published on the website of the HCSO or in its electronic and printed publications.

Who can use it?

Accessible to everyone.

How to access the service?

The Information Service provides assistance to interested parties regarding statistical data published on the website of the HCSO or already published in the publications of the HCSO during office hours

  • by telephone,
  • in person,
  • or in writing via the Contact us! application.

If you are looking for data, methodological explanations, EU statistical publications on the European Union and its Member States , please use the Contact us! interface to send your request to our staff who will help you find the information you are looking for.

Customized data compilation

Description of the service

  • A data file containing aggregated statistical data in tabular form, compiled according to the specific needs of the data requestor, in a data-protected format, with associated methodological information.
  • There is no quantitative limit to the data content, which can range from one or two data items to complex multidimensional tabulations.

Who can use it?

Anyone can apply for a customised compilation of data.

How to access the service?

By submitting a request via the Contact us! application.

Fulfilment of the request submitted

  • The HCSO will examine the request and within 5 working days from the date of its receipt, will provide feedback to the requestor on whether the requested data are available and, if so, whether they can be released from a data protection point of view.
  • Only data files containing aggregated statistical data that comply with the data protection rules will be provided to the data requester, together with the 'Terms of use for the tabular data to be compiled for individual requests' document.
  • The provision of data compilations on specific request requires the conclusion of a contract, depending on the quantity and complexity of the data requested and the time required for the compilation. The data requestor will be informed of this.
  • If the requested tabular data file is not available to the HCSO in the content and format requested by the data requestor, the HCSO might charge a fee for the production of the requested data file. (Compensation Fees for our Services)
  • In the case of data requests for which a fee is charged, the acceptance of the terms of use is made together with the quotation, while in the case of data releases without a fee, the acceptance of the terms of use is made at the same time as the data file is sent.

Form documents

Requesting data for scientific purposes

For details on how to request data for scientific purposes, see the For researchers .