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Compensation Fees for our Services

Free of charge data releases and services

  1. HCSO fulfils all public interest related data/data compilation requests which:
    • could be realised based on data made public prior to the request
    • could be produced based on non-public data available in the HCSO information system, indifferent of the applied methodological- IT solutions, in 1 hour.
  2. The use of the constantly available files at the Safe Centre, previously compiled for research purposes, as well as their additional data protection verification are free of charge.
  3. HCSO does not apply fees when fulfilling customer requests in relation with EU data and information.
  4. HCSO offers free of charge assistance for customers in retrieving other – data collection related, methodological, technical – information.

Compensation fee subjected data releases and services

HCSO is charging fees for extra services related to individual requirement-based data compilations, services; the expert fee is HUF 15,000 / work hour + VAT.

In case of fee-related data releases and services the HCSO co-worker sends the customer a price quote in 5 workdays, defining precisely the topic of the requested service, the compensation fee and the delivery deadline.

HCSO is charging fees:

  1. When the request refers to below public interest data / data compilation
    • accessible or producible based on the public databases available on the HCSO homepage, however the client requests a compilation corresponding to individual requirements and its production from non-public databases of the HCSO IT system takes more than 1 hour indifferent of the applied methodological- IT solutions;
    • data and related descriptive metadata is not readily available for the HCSO in the desired format and its production from the non-public databases in the IT system of the HCSO takes more than 1 hour indifferent of the applied methodological- IT solutions.
  2. When individual aspects-based dataset compilation is necessary for data access in the Safe Centre. Furthermore a fee for posterior data protection verification of the research results is calculated as well.
  3. For fulfilling services corresponding to individual requirements – analyses, impact assessment studies, etc.
  4. For preparing stamped official documents (code issuing, consumer price indices and other certificates); the fee is HUF 7,000 + VAT.
  5. When preparing standpoints on classifications; the fee is HUF 7,000 + VAT.