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Strategy, report

Strategy 2030 (pdf, 2 238 KB)

    Our vision: in 2030, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office is Hungary’s most important information hub, belonging to the TOP10 club on international level, too. Its modern operation is ensured by speed, flexible adaptation, innovation and the culture of cooperation; the management is proactive, has a complex perspective and resource-awareness. Its activity is based on linking, modelling, high-level interpretation of data from a variety of different sources, through the application of artificial intelligence.

Strategy 2020 (pdf, 559 KB)

2020-2021 activity report of the HCSO (pdf, 39 041 KB)

    The pandemic situation was a heavy burden for the HCSO, too, as data demands increased sharply, supporting decision-makers and informing residents required newer, faster and more detailed data. This made finding new data sources, reforming data production processes, renewing certain methodologies, the development of the Office’s dissemination routine necessary. In spite of pandemic-related data collection problems, the Office carried out the 2020 Agriculture Census successfully, followed by the publication of its data. Preparations for the population census, postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic, continued.

2019 annual activity report of the HCSO (pdf, 44 275 KB)