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For researchers

In order to support scientific research, the HCSO provides access to microdata files for scientific purposes only, subject to researcher accreditation, as follows.

Public Use Files

Publicly accessible micro-data files with strong anti-disclosure protection, of which two groups are available on our website. The sample files, which support research work, and the educational micro-data files.

Release of anonymised microdata

Micro-data files containing data from statistical observation units with protection against disclosure that minimises the possibility of identifying the statistical units concerned.

Only for scientific research purposes, if there is a research institutional background.

Safe Centre

Access to individual-level statistical data that cannot be directly identified, subject to a high level of data protection and strict compliance with data protection regulations.

Access in a secure, camera-monitored environment.

Access to data files requested for scientific research purposes only.

Remote Execution

This means the use of data files that can only be requested for scientific research.

The researcher does not have direct access to the requested micro-data files, the query is run by the HCSO based on the program code/specification.