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Release of anonymised microdata

Description of the service

  • Release of anonymised micro-data sets for research purposes.
  • When producing anonymised micro-data sets, the risk of disclosure of the statistical units concerned is minimised by applying appropriate protection methods against disclosure. The resulting data set can no longer be associated with the data providers and can therefore be released to data requesters with appropriate contractual guarantees.
  • In all cases, anonymised micro-data sets are provided by the HCSO accompanied by methodological documentation, which records the methodological solutions used for anonymisation and their distortion effect on the dataset.

Who can use it?

Researchers with an institutional background only.

Available data files

Anonymised micro-data files can be requested from any data file managed by the HCSO for research purposes. The technical feasibility of the data request will be fully assessed by the HCSO upon receipt of the data request.

How to access the service?

By submitting an anonymised microdata release request form via the Contact Us! application.

Fulfilling a submitted request

  • Following the submission of the data request form, HCSO will, in the framework of the researcher accreditation, examine the researcher and the institutional background of the researcher requesting the data, as well as the scientific purpose of the research.
  • Following successful accreditation and the examination of the professional feasibility of the research data request, HCSO will in all cases conclude a contract with the research institution and get a confidentiality agreement signed.
  • In accordance with the terms of the contract, HCSO will then grant access to the requested data.

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