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Dear Data Provider!


The International Trade in Goods Statistics related to Non-EU countries (Extrastat), compiled by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO), is traditionally based on customs data provided by National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary. However, if the supplementary delcaration for goods located in Hungary is submitted in an other Member State permitted by an authorisation for centralised clearance (or Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures), the statistical data source for HCSO would be lost. Therefore, these customs authorisations can only be used in Hungary if the economic operator has contacted HCSO, in order to fulfill its obligation of statistical data provision. Enterprises holding a centralised clearance (or SASP) authorisation are made liable to direct statistical data reporting by electronic means with a monthly periodicity, as ordered by the Hungarian National Data Collection Programme, data collection nr. 2193.


Registration is required before statistical reporting. The registration form, its guidance document and the file structure of the Extrastat report can be found at the following links:

Registration form for Extrastat (xlsx, 52 KB)
Guide to ’Registration Form for Extrastat Data Providers’ (pdf, 66 KB)
File structure and data fields of Extrastat electronic data collection (pdf, 221 KB)


For information on the registration procedure please contact: