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International data

In order to assess Hungary’s role, share and position in the world and in the EU, it is essential to have comparable and reliable data on other countries. It may be difficult for users to find the appropriate data sources, routinely use international databases, reconcile data from different sources as well as identify and assess the reasons for any methodological differences. In order to make it easier, we have collected on this page our international publications and tables as well as links to major international databases, publication repertories, methodological collections.

Key figures

World population

Indicator description

UN demographers have prepared their estimate on the changes in world population in three (low, medium and high) scenarios. The data published here are based on the medium model, which is considered the most probable one, after the review in 2017.
Reference period: 2019 (further data shown on chart)

Change in volume of world GDP

Indicator description

The world’s GDP is an indicator comprising a wide range of products produced and services provided in countries on Earth in a particular period, so it measures the total output of these. The change in the volume of GDP is a generally accepted business indicator, which measures the change in the performance of the economy over time.
Last data for period: 2020

Change in volume of world exports

Indicator description

The indicator shows the change in the volume – i.e. the quantity net of changes in prices and exchange rates – of world exports from one year to another.
Last data for period: 2020

Changes in global tourism turnover

Indicator description

The indicator shows how the number of tourists in a given year has changed worldwide compared to the previous year. A tourist is a visitor who spends at least one night on a trip to the given area.
Last data for period: 2020


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Release and revision calendarPublication repertory

Summary tables (STADAT) ( infra-annual data annual data )

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Annual, international tables Gross electricity generation 08/07/2021 Production of crude steel 08/07/2021 Passenger car production 08/07/2021 Volume indices of industrial production 06/04/2021 21/12/2021 Volume indices of mining and quarrying 06/04/2021 21/12/2021 Volume indices of manufacturing 06/04/2021 21/12/2021 Volume indices of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 06/04/2021 21/12/2021 Extraction of crude petroleum 06/04/2021 04/10/2021 Extraction of natural gas 06/04/2021 04/10/2021 Cement production 06/04/2021 04/10/2021 Volume indices of agricultural production 06/04/2021 Cereal production 06/04/2021 Wheat production 06/04/2021 Maize production 06/04/2021 Potato production 06/04/2021 Apple production 06/04/2021 Cattle stock 06/04/2021 Pig stock 06/04/2021 Poultry stock 06/04/2021 Total meat production 06/04/2021 Cows' milk production 06/04/2021 Motorways by country 06/04/2021 01/10/2021 Stock of passenger cars by country 06/04/2021 22/12/2021

External trade in goods External trade import, monthly 24/08/2021 22/09/2021 External trade export, monthly 24/08/2021 22/09/2021

Infra-annual international tables Quarterly volume index of gross domestic product – ESA2010 24/08/2021 22/09/2021 Quarterly volume index of household final consumption expenditure – ESA2010 22/07/2021 22/09/2021 Quarterly volume index of gross fixed capital formation – ESA2010 22/07/2021 22/09/2021

Infra-annual, international tables Volume index of industrial production monthly 24/08/2021 22/09/2021

Price indices of industry Industrial producer price index 24/08/2021 22/09/2021 Change in industrial producer prices 08/07/2021

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