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Custom analysis

Description of the service

Preparation of a statistical analysis according to the specific needs of the requesting party, with a specific content based on the specific needs, using the statistical data available to the HCSO.

Who can use it?

Anyone may submit a request for a custom analysis to the HCSO.

How to access the service?

By submitting a request via the Contact us! application.

Fulfilment of the request submitted

  • The HCSO will examine the request and within 5 working days of the date of receipt of the request, will provide feedback to the requestor as to whether the data required for the requested analysis are available and whether the request for analysis can be met.
  • In all cases, the content and methods of analysis and the conditions for carrying out the analysis shall be agreed with the requesting party.
  • HCSO will prepare a detailed proposal on the content of the analysis, which will be accepted before the service is provided.
  • In all cases, HCSO shall inform the applicant in advance of the scope of the data that may be used for the analysis.
  • The service is provided by HCSO against payment of a fee (Compensation Fees for our Services).

Form documents

  • Sample contract for custom analysis

Samples of analyses based on the data of the HCSO, prepared on individual order:

  • Analysis of the demographic situation in the county (.pdf-file)
  • Analysis about the evolution of the economic situation in the county (.pdf-file)