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Press release, 01.03.2013.

The President of HCSO was elected again president of the UN Statistical Commission. At the 44th session of the UN Statistical Commission, on 26th February 2013 Dr. Gabriella Vukovich, the President of HCSO was elected again president of the Commission.


Dr. Gabriella Vukovich, following her election last year at the 43rd session of the Commission, was elected president unanimously by members of the Commission this year for the second time based on the nomination of the head of the Norwegian delegation.

In the field of international statistical activities the Commission is the highest decision-making body. The aim and task of the UN Statistical Commission is to harmonise statistical principles, procedures and methods at a global level, establish international standards and promote their application. The UN Statistical Commission helps the international comparability of data by elaborating recommendations and guidelines. In addition, it has a task of promoting the development of statistical systems in UN member states, especially in the less developed countries. Besides, the Commission pays special attention to developing the statistical activity of less developed countries and to the related international assistance. Moreover, it has an important role in co-ordinating the statistical activities of different international organisations.

The agenda of the 44th session of the Commission – held this year – includes besides proposals and reports on the different statistical areas the principles of the functioning of official statistical services, and the ethical norms and principles of the independence and the objective, impartial and professional functioning of statistical offices.


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