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Press release, 19.05.2014.

Press release on methodological change in international trade in services data


Dear Users,


We kindly inform you that our international trade in services data, making part of balance of payments statistics, will be compiled according to a new balance of payments manual (BPM6) – containing substantial methodological changes compared to earlier on in order to satisfy international (Eurostat, ECB) data requests – from 2014.


It is a considerable change that international trade in services will be extended with services fees of processing transactions as well as the value of reparation services, while merchanting will not be considered as services any more but the row of goods in national accounts and in the balance of payments will contain the value of the transactions. In addition, the level of detail of services, as well as the data content of many kinds of services will change, too.


Consistent with the methodological change our data will be published as follows:

  • from the 1st quarter of 2014 our data in line with the new methodology – to ensure comparability – together with data in the base period, 2013;
  • long time series data compiled according to the new methodology (back to 2008) together with data for the first half of 2014.


Our tables (STADAT and dissemination database) compiled according to the former methodology continue to be available on our website until the reference period of 2013.


Our statistical reflections titled “International trade in services” – together with the related tables – will be published on unchanged dates, as included in our release calendar:


Reference period Publication
1st quarter 2014 week 24, latest: 13 June
1st half 2014 week 37, latest: 12 September
1st–3rd quarters 2014   week 50, latest: 12 December


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