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Press release, 20.05.2009.

We published the Statistical Pocket-Book of Hungary, 2008!

Did you know that...

  • it was the first time that the yearbook had recorded the share of wind energy from the energy production of the country, according to which the proportion of electricity produced by wind power plants had been 0.1 per cent?
  • the number of suicides had been down by 820 compared to 2000?
  • in 2007, as opposed to former years, the population of Budapest had increased?
  • there were less and less blood donors? With per unit volume of 4.5 dl, 36 thousand less people gave blood than in 2000.
  • while 9 in hundred Hungarian households had had a personal computer ten years before, 52 in hundred had done so the year before?
  • 144 colour televisions and 158 mobile phones had been recorded per hundred households?
  • the Statistical Yearbook of Hungary had reported on the most substantial Hungarian results achieved at the Summer Olympic Games?
  • the 25 most successful Olympic athletes had represented 7 kinds of sport, and 36% of them had won medals in fencing, and 32% in water polo?

Further interesting and useful data are available in theStatistical Yearbook of Hungary, 2007 that has just been published.