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Press release, 25.03.2024.

The 10th, jubilee Stat Wars contest concluded with the win of Budapest teams

Over two hundred teams entered the HCSO’s national statistical contest for secondary schools

STAT WARS logóThe Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) organized on 20 March 2024 the finals of the 10th – anniversary - national Stat Wars statistical contest for secondary school teams. More than two hundred student-teams joined in the 2023/2024 school year this contest meant to propagate, by means of many treats and experiences, statistical culture. Four-student teams competed in two age groups. Among those in grades 9-10 the “Sanyi mos” team from the BGSZC Károlyi Mihály bilingual economic technical school, while from the grade 11 and above teams the “Atomtengeralattjárók” group of the Budapest Szent István technical school and college proved to be the best at the finals organised in the Palace of Statistics. The winning teams qualified for the 2024 European Statistics Competition, too.

The national statistical contest of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) for secondary school teams launched, for the 10th time, on 5 December 2023. Over two hundred applications came in during the entry period lasting until 10 January 2024 from secondary school four-student groups and their accompanying teachers.

The contest, celebrating its 10th anniversary, carries the title: “Our past and present”. The “past” segment included contest-history ramblings, and participants were asked anniversaries related questions, while the “present” theme focused on environmental consciousness and sustainability. The competition propagates statistical culture through numerous treats and experiences and develops, in lively ways, students’ essential statistical knowledge, their way of thinking.

The four-student teams engaged in a battle of wits concerning statistical knowledge in two age groups – secondary schools’ grades 9-10 and grades 11 and above – during the three-round contest. The first two rounds (preliminaries, regional finals) took place online; the third round, the national final, was organized by the Office on 20 March 2024 and required personal participation. Both age groups had 10 – 10 participating teams in the finals, coming from Baja, Biatorbágy, Budapest, Debrecen, Dunaújváros, Eger, Gyál, Győr, Makó, Szeged and Zalaegerszeg schools.

The teams tested during the day their skills in solving lively tasks and thought-provoking statistical questions like “Jump in statistician way”, “Number-code”, “Did I see? Didn’t see!” or “Resource puzzle”.

Participants gained unforgettable experiences and received valuable gifts. All prize-list teams and their teachers received monetary rewards and prizes in kind.

Prize-list teams of the three rounds – even from the regional finals – received valuable prizes, and the first and second place winners of the national round qualified for the European Statistics Competition organized by Eurostat.

Prize-list teams:

grades 9-10 age group:

1st place: BGSZC Károlyi Mihály bilingual Economic Technical School “Sanyi mos” team (Budapest)

2nd place: BGSZC Szent István Technical School and College „All4one” team (Budapest)

3rd place: Innovative Technical School and College „BITcoin” team (Biatorbágy)

grades 11 and above age group:

1st place: BGSZC Szent István Technical School and College „Atomtengeralattjárók” team (Budapest)

2nd place: III. Béla Secondary School „Pad Ló” team (Baja)

3rd place: DSZC Bethlen Gábor Economic Technical School and College „Umgebung” team (Debrecen)

HCSO would like to thank all teams and their teachers for participation and for promoting in this way statistical culture. Heartfelt congratulations to the teams participating in the finals and their teachers on behalf of the co-workers of the Office! Congratulations to the winners from the HCSO co-workers, wishing them continued success in their studies!

Based on the first feedbacks the competition was a great success among participants. Hope to see you again in the next school year at the 11th Stat Wars contest!

Feel the power! Enter! Play! Win!


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