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Pressroom - News, events, 13.02.2009

Modification of the classification of Hungarian consumer price index

From 2009 the HCSO carried out contractions in the detailed classification which contained 156 consumption groups of products and services. This basically affects the items of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing where 10 groups were set up instead of the earlier 23 groups. Moreover inside the group of other goods in case of the goods for recreation the earlier 3 groups under recording media were contracted.

On the one hand the main reason of the changeover is preparing the implementation of the Eurostat’s new regulation on seasonal items, on the other hand the simplification of the classification.

According to the new classification the detailed consumer price indices were recalculated backward so among the stadat-tables and in our database the data are accessible.

This change does not affect the detailed consumer price indices by COICOP (Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose) classification.