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Data access channels for scientific purposes - Remote Access

Remote access is provided to deidentified microdata sets only for scientific purposes, respecting the protection of individual statistical data and the data protection regulations. Remote access is provided from secure (accredited) access points, established according to the remote access criteria and operated under the same conditions as the Safe Centre.


Who can use remote access as a data access channel?

Remote access is available only for scientific purposes and access is granted only for approved research projects that meet all researcher accreditation criteria.


Datasets in remote access

Under remote access conditions the same standard datasets prepared for research and datasets prepared based on specific data requests are available for research under the same conditions as for Safe Centre access.


  • Standard datasets prepared for research
    The use of microdata sets prepared for research and available continuously at the remote access points, as well as the subsequent data protection control of the research results, prepared based on these files, is free of charge.


  • Datasets prepared based on individual data requests
    If no suitable dataset is available on the list of standard microdata sets prepared for research for the given research purpose, HCSO prepares the requested datasets following the assessment of the request, for a fee.
    The microdata set assembled in this way and accessible on the remote access points is only available within the given research.


  • Linked datasets
    During the preparation of the requested datasets, linkage of different datasets or preparation of such datasets for linkage is possible. In the latter case the HCSO assigns such technical IDs to the microdata sets that allow no direct identification but the linkage of the different datasets.


  • External datasets
    External datasets can also be used for producing research outputs, in addition to the datasets prepared by the HCSO for the concerned research project. These external datasets must be listed on the data request form for remote access. External datasets not listed on the data request form cannot be used for the concerned research project. In line with the operating rules of the Safe Centre, external datasets must not contain direct identifiers. Syntax files, variable lists and other auxiliary files prepared for the research can also be requested for the work in the remote access environment, given that these files are also indicated on the data request form.


Process of granting remote access



  • Assessment of remote access requests
    Following the transmission of the data request form for remote access, the HCSO carries out researcher accreditation. Following the accreditation procedure the HCSO evaluates the data request if it can be fulfilled both from professional and data protection point of view. If additional consultation is necessary during the evaluation, the HCSO will contact the person sent the data request.


  • Signing contract and confidentiality commitment
    Contract and confidentiality commitments are to be signed for data requests successfully approved after researcher accreditation and evaluation of the request form from professional and data protection point of view. The contract sets the rights and obligations of the entity requesting access and the HCSO within the frame of the concerned research project. Sample of the standard templates for the contract and the confidentiality commitment are available here:

    Sample of the contract
    Sample of the confidentiality commitment


  • Providing remote access
    Following the signing of the contract and the confidentiality commitment, the HCSO provides remote access in accordance with the conditions and time frame specified in the contract and sends the necessary identification information to the researchers for the use of the accredited access point.


Operation of the remote access point

The remote access point operates under the same conditions and set of criteria as the Safe Centre environment. Information on conditions of the Safe Centre access, operation of the accredited access points and software available for research in the remote access environment are available in the Safe Centre access section.


Visiting the remote access point

Researchers entitled to visit the accredited access point can use the accredited access point facility during its opening hours.


Remote access point


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