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Dénes Ádám

Dénes Ádám

Place and date of birth:

Szeged, 11 October 1985


Qualifications, trainings:

2019–2021 economist with license in law (Eötvös Loránd University)
2010–2012 international economy and administration (University of Szeged)
2007–2010 administration and management (University of Szeged)
2004–2009 applied mathematics (University of Szeged)


11 July 2023 – Hungarian Central Statistical Office Deputy President
2021–2023 Hungarian Central Statistical Office Lead Analyst
2020–2021 Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister Analysis Leader
2015–2020 National Bank of Hungary Professional Adviser
of the Vice President
2014–2015 National Bank of Hungary Professional Adviser
of the Executive Director
2013–2014 National Bank of Hungary Lead Analyst
2011–2013 Budapest Bank Zrt. Analyst

Major professional functions:

Member of the DIPA Zrt. supervisory board 2018–2020
Member of the Hungarian Banknote Printing Company’s board of directors 2016–2018

Titles, acknowledgements:

Silver award 2012


German, advanced level
English, basic level