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STATEK Centre for Statistical Analysis Ltd.

STATEK Centre for Statistical Analysis Ltd.
1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly u. 5-7.
Telephone: + 36 1 345 6123 | Telefax: + 36 1 345 8614
Email: info@statek.hu | Web: www.statek.hu

STATEK Statisztikai Elemző Központ Kft. (STATEK Centre for Statistical Analysis Ltd.) is a Hungarian state-owned company with the primary aim of performing statistical data collection tasks on behalf of and at the professional instructions of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office.

The interviewers of the company having a national network of interviewers conduct seven surveys every month, covering the whole territory of Hungary. These surveys form a part of the National Statistical Survey Programme (OSAP), and their performance is qualified as a public function. As part of this activity, approx. 300 interviewers contact the designated households, shops and border stations every month and collect information about the consumption habits, labour market activity and travel habits of the population as well as the change in consumer prices and tourism turnover. Respondents get into the sample randomly in each field. Participation is voluntary.

Outside the scope of these tasks, STATEK Kft. also takes part in the data collections and analytical tasks performed for other customers such as market and public opinion researchers, research institutes and local governments.