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Labour Force Survey – The process of data recording

The Labour Survey is a representative data collection among the population. In the process of data collection, we will be asking randomly selected private households at addresses in various regions and communities across the country. The data collected will be used solely for statistical purposes. This means that the data will be processed and published in an aggregated form, grouped by specific characteristics (occupation, household size, etc.)

As with all data collections of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, individual data pertaining to households and persons are covered by the Data Protection Act and will not be accessible to either private individuals or any institutions, and personal identification data will be deleted after processing.

The survey will take place at different addresses each month. An address will be visited by our surveyors for 6 consecutive quarters, meaning that each household will be included in the sample for one and a half years. The questions should preferably be answered by the person being surveyed, but in their absence, other adult members of the household may also respond in their place, if they are familiar with their personal and work-related details.

Our surveyors will identify themselves as official surveyors of the Central Statistical Office with an ID with photograph. If you have any questions about the data collection or the surveyor, please contact us at lakinfo@ksh.hu or call us at +36 80 200 766.