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General Purpose Data Claims - Issuing tabular data compiled on individual request

Tabular data are datasets organised into a tabular format that contain aggregate statistical information. The possible content of tabular datasets has no quantitative limits; information requested might widely spread from only a few statistical data to complicated multi-dimensional tabular datasets.

In case the data request does not raise any professional or data protection concern, the data request is fulfilled in the requested form (email, letter, fax, etc.).

Who can request tabular data compiled on individual request?

Anyone can request tabular data compiled on individual request. In all cases access to the tabular data based on individual request is possible by accepting the terms of use.

Clarification of the data request

Prior to submitting the individual request for tabular data to the HCSO we would like to suggest the following:

  • It is advisable to check if the requested information is available in the already published tabular datasets or in publicly available HCSO databases (Tables system, called STADAT, or the Dissemination Database). The Information Service of the HCSO can provide further assistance, if necessary. It is also important to check the already available information before submitting the data request form because if the data request can be fulfilled based on already published data, the fulfilment of the data request is free of charge.
  • It is also useful to read the methodological documentation, the potential variables and the content in the metadata base of the HCSO. Further information is available in the Metainformation section of the HCSO website.
  • In case of submitting the data request please provide on the form the details about the requested tabular datasets (variables, period, breakdown) as accurately as possible. The Information Service of the HCSO can provide further assistance in the compilation of the data request form.

The process of granting access to tabular data compiled on individual request

Initiating the access
Access to tabular datasets prepared upon individual request can be initiated through the “Contact us!” menu.

  • Evaluation of data requests for tabular data
    The HCSO evaluates the incoming data request whether it can be fulfilled in the requested breakdown and if they can be released from data protection point of view; HCSO sends the result of the evaluation of the request to the customer within 5 working days from the date of the reception of the data request.
  • Fulfillment of the data request
    Signing contract and confidentiality commitment for data request for tabular data is not mandatory but, in justified cases, the HCSO might stipulate their use. The HCSO fully examines the requested tabular data prior to their release to the indicated person. The HCSO provides access only to tabular data that are checked and approved against statistical confidentiality.

In case the requested tabular data is not available in the form and with the content as requested, the HCSO might charge for the production of the requested information (Fees of our services).

Terms of use

If the fulfilment of the data request is not free of charge then the acceptance of the terms of use comes with the acceptance of the price offer. In case of fulfilment of data request free of charge the acceptance of the terms comes with the transmission of the requested data.

Terms of use for tabular data prepared upon individual request, sample