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Hungarian Statistical Review - Aims and scope

The Hungarian Statistical Review is a peer-reviewed journal of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, which brings out both theoretical and applied statistical papers. It is published twice a year to promote the exchange of knowledge and information on various fields of statistics. The scope of the journal is broad and includes almost all the key aspects of statistics:

  • approaches to the development of modern statistical methods;
  • methodological aspects of statistics, description of new methods, critical evaluations and new applications of existing methods;
  • applied statistics (statistics of economy and finance, industry, business and commerce, sociology, demography, insurance, market and public opinion research, psychology, medicine, education and teaching, environment, law, etc.);
  • methods of data collection, statistical and methodological issues of sample surveys, censuses, administrative record systems;
  • survey sample design, nonresponse, measurement error, the effects of modes of data collection, survey design;
  • national and international history of statistics;
  • operation and international environment of the Hungarian Statistical Service and other producers of statistics;
  • development and challenges of national and global statistical systems;
  • statistics in society, improvement of statistical literacy, statistics education.

Researchers, academics, professionals are encouraged to submit their manuscripts by e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief, Tamás Dusek (Tamas.Dusek@ksh.hu).