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Intrastat - News

Dear Intrastat Data Provider!

Please be informed that the Intrastat reports has to be provided exclusively via the KSH-ELEKTRA data collection system.
Information on the preparation of the questionnaires can be found at Electronic declaration site.
For further information on registration and statistical reporting via KSH-ELEKTRA system please visit KSH-ELEKTRA Elektronikus adatgyűjtés (available in Hungarian only).

Additional important changes from 2021

  1. Regarding the Intrastat Dispatches questionnaire (registration number 2010), it will be mandatory to fill in the “Country of Origin” and “Partner Tax ID Number” data elements. This will be checked by the ELEKTRA System, in case of incomplete filling the questionnaire will not be submitted.
    You can see the accepted format of the Partner tax ID number IN THIS TABLE, or you can check the correctness of the Partner tax ID number on the European Commission’s VIES page.

  2. Due to Brexit the reporting obligation for trade with the United Kingdom will change from 2021. Northern Ireland will remain part of the customs union, so trade with them will continue to be covered by Intrastat. However, the rest of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) will be outside the customs union, so trade with them will be no longer under Intrastat reporting obligation from the reference month of January 2021.
    In this context, the country codes concerned will also change:
    • GB: terminated for Intrastat Data Provision;
    • XI: United Kingdom (Northern Ireland);
    • XU: United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland)

  3. In addition, there will be a change in technology in the electronic data provision, we will inform you about it in a separate letter, but the related information can also be viewed at the following links:

For details, please read the Intrastat Guide & Manual or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our colleagues.