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Intrastat - Contact info

For information on submitting the questionnaires via KSH-ELEKTRA system and registration, please contact us:

Phone number: (+36-80)-200-766

E-mail: elektra@ksh.hu

For information on completing Intrastat questionnaires (OSAP 2010, 2012), please contact us:

E-mail: intrastat@ksh.hu

Further contact info: http://www.ksh.hu/contactus

Zsolt Kovalszky (+36-1) 345-6820 Head of department
Attila Morva (+36-1) 345-6634 Head of section
Éva Izabella Gecse (+36-1) 345-6808  
Miklós Pásztor (+36-1) 345-1273