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The official statistical activity in Hungary

Domains of Official Statistics (DOS) contains all statistical domains of the National Statistical System (NSS) of Hungary in order to contribute to the whole coordination and transparency of the official statistical activity. The DOS means the basis to determine the business processes of official statistics and to strengthen transparency within the NSS. The DOS is also a basis for further standardisation of methodologies, processes within the NSS. The DOS is available on the site of the National Statistical System of Hungary.


The first three hierarchy levels of DOS (statistical area, statistical domain group, statistical field) determine the structure for statistical domains and thus contribute to their transparency. The statistical data, surveys are connected to the fourth level, making the statistical domain the most important concept of the Domains of Official Statistics.


Name of hierarchy levels Description of hierarchy levels
1. Statistical area The object of the study of statistics, which provides a comprehensive, realistic, impartial view of the statistics for the public administration and the actors/members of economic and social organisations.
2. Statistical domain group Group of statistical fields that form a logically related unit for the purposes of analysis, monitoring, etc...
3. Statistical field A homogeneous unit of statistical analysis, monitoring, etc., for which specific user needs can be formulated. Typically separate normative documents that are regulated by specific rules and norms.
4. Statistical domain A topic that results in a common product and the process of its statistical business process can be characterized by same concepts and methodologies.


Concerning its structure, the DOS defines three main statistical areas: Population and social statistics, Economic statistics, Environment and multi-domain statistics.


Principles of the DOS:

  • Statistical domains are the outputs of statistical activities covering the complete statistical business processes that can be characterized by same concepts and methodologies.
  • The statistical domain is always the result of the statistical business process and is not necessarily the same as the data of the source used in the given process.
  • The DOS is a symmetrical classification thus it has the same levels of hierarchy under each aggregate. In line with this, the statistical domains are listed on the fourth level in all cases.
  • The new classification system shall be easily expandable in order to incorporate new emerging needs.
  • The content of a statistical domain is always determined by the topic and not by the competence/function of institutions responsible for the given domain.


A The DOS list contains the IDs, the Hungarian and English descriptions, short content definitions of all statistical domains of the National Statistical System (NSS) of Hungary.


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