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Press release, 02.10.2018.

Updates of time series of quarterly national accounts and GDP


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office issued the publication titled National accounts of Hungary, 2017 (2nd preliminary data) on 28 September 2018. We issued in this the second preliminary data of the national accounts of Hungary for 2017 and final data for 2016. The effects of changes can be viewed in the Methodological notes linked to the publication.


The time series of quarterly national accounts and GDP to the 2nd quarter of 2018, adjusted to annual data, will be published on 2 October 2018, one and a half months earlier compared with the practice applied in former years. So in the Tables (STADAT) menu, quarterly data become available for users already at the same time as annual data are published. Quarterly data reflect changes carried out on annual data. Compared to the data calculated earlier on, the raw volume index of GDP changed by +0.1 percentage point both in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2018, partly due to the change of base data and partly to updates of reference-quarter data used for the estimation, as follows:


Quarterly raw volume indices of GDP, 1st half 2018


Published on 5 September 2018

Published currently Disparity
percentage point
volume index, previous year=100.0
1st quarter 2018 104.4 104.5 0.1
2nd quarter 2018 104.8 104.9 0.1
1st half 2018 104.6 104.7 0.1



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