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Press release, 06.02.2024.

HCSO website extended with subpage presenting experimental statistics

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) created a new, on-line interface to release its data of experimental status. The subpage we have launched provides the opportunity for the Statistical Office to present its latest experimental statistics, based on innovative methodological procedures and alternative data sources.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office launched its on-line interface for experimental statistics (https://www.ksh.hu/s/en/experimental-statistics/). On the continuously updated subpage, HCSO presents data considered experimental and produced – involving new, alternative data sources and using innovative methods and techniques – so that they can react to user expectations more efficiently and more quickly. Experimental statistics offer data having relevance. They help to satisfy newly emerging data requests and to cover currently detected lack of knowledge and can provide efficient support for policy decision-makers, economic and scientific communities as well as the society. The publication of these data also ensures feedback from users on new statistics already at an early stage of their development.

After continuous improvement and testing, as well as methodological fine-tuning, experimental statistics might even become official ones but may also remain experimental statistics complementing statistics published in a standard way. For experimental statistics to become official ones, they need to meet many evaluation criteria, for example, the applied statistical method needs to prove reliable and user feedback needs to verify that the particular statistics are useful, relevant and trustworthy.


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