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Press release, 06.04.2021.

An upgraded set of STADAT tables on the HCSO website
New features in set of tables summarizing key data

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) has renewed its set of summary (STADAT) tables. Users can also retrieve data in a reusable format on a modified, accessible, mobile-optimized, user-reviews-based interface.

From April 6, 2021, users can access more contents and new functions in a changed structure at the (STADAT) tables summarizing the most important statistical data and indicators at www.ksh.hu.

Our mobile-optimized, accessible spreadsheet system has been expanded with a number of convenience features. For example, large tables can already be studied by scrolling and files that can be downloaded in new formats (xlsx, CSV) greatly facilitate further use and analysis of data. Previous icons were merged into a common menu where users can find additional, table related information. Footnotes, legends and methodological notes also help to understand the data. Our collection has been expanded with two new topics, time balance and sports, and the table list structure has also changed: visitors to the site can search for the data they are interested in on four levels - by topic, period, area, and table number. The table of contents also shows the date of the last and next update, so all interested parties can find out in advance when the data tables will be updated next.

In order to keep links to previous publications available, previously structured table sets are still available on the HCSO's website, but from 6 April 2021 data will only be updated in the new STADAT. Translation keys and a short manual help you to navigate between the old and the new system. Translation keys can be found next to the tables.

The renewed STADAT tables are available at the following link: http://www.ksh.hu/stadat_eng


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