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Press release, 10.04.2015.

Cooperation agreement between the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and the Corvinus University of Budapest


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) and the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) concluded a cooperation agreement on 10 April 2015 in order to mobilize their theoretical and practical knowledge base. The aim of the joint activity is to help students gain experiences and promote their involvement in the labour market, as well as to utilize the intellectual capacity of HCSO in higher education. The agreement was signed by Gabriella Vukovich, president on behalf of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and Zsolt Rostoványi, rector on behalf of the Corvinus University of Budapest in the framework of a scientific session.


Within the framework of the cooperation, HCSO allows for the instructors and PhD students of CUB working in the research field of economic and social sciences to carry out deeper research analyses using the databases of HCSO and to access the databases of micro-data in the Research room of HCSO in accordance with the rules of data use in the Research room and based on separate, individual agreements. HCSO provides an opportunity to publish high-quality analyses and studies based on the database in its publications and periodicals. At the same time, CUB agrees to provide space in their periodicals (Köz-gazdaság, Economy and Society) for the publications of the colleagues of HCSO.


CUB supports and assists the participation of the HCSO staff in economics trainings with options of appropriate professional fields. CUB also supports the MSc, PhD and habilitation ambitions of the experts of HCSO. HCSO, in own-initiated cases, provides professional assistance for CUB students to fill career starter jobs, and the colleagues of HCSO take part in the research activities of CUB.


The cooperation will cover the elaboration of joint projects and tenders, the performance of applied researches and the establishment of joint research workshops. HCSO will take part in the university’s educational activities with consultations, guest lectures and the presentation of practical statistical activities.



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