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Press release, 10.10.2023.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office held a trendsetting press breakfast

"We are surrounded in the 21st century by systems becoming more and more complex. This trend requires on behalf of the statistical offices prompt and efficient tools and methods, able of capturing new phenomena and the complex reality in a clear-cut way" – told Dr. Áron Kincses, the President of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) on the occasion to the representatives of the press, highlighting the commitment of the new management of the HCSO for innovation. The president of the Office held a briefing during the press event, reviewing the most significant advancements of the last period, as well as the main tasks, challenges the Office is facing.

The goal of this trendsetting event was connection strengthening with the press as well as discussing current issues concerning the Office. Increasing use of registry data and alternative data sources, data quality improvement have been under discussion, among other topics, during the press breakfast, – the potential of imposing fines being part of the latter, as increases the willingness of data supply – active participation in data governance, market-entering deadline improvement – for example the T+30 days GDP data publication, to be implemented next year, replacing the existing T+45 days – the complete reshaping of the TEÁOR / NACE system, decreasing respondents’ burden, renewing ways of online publication as well as improving the statistical proficiency of the population, especially among young people.


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