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Press release, 12.06.2015.

HUNGARY, 2014 – Report of HCSO to the Parliament on the state of economy and society


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office launched its publication series titled Hungary more than 20 years ago in order to present the socio-economic situation of Hungary through statistical data in one volume. The annual dissemination of social, economic and demographic data on Hungary to the Parliament and the Government, as required by the Act on Statistics, has been implemented with this summary volume for already more than two decades.


Analyses in the publication Hungary, 2014 first of all focus on processes observed in 2014, however, year 2014 data alone are not sufficient for a deeper review of processes as well as socio-economic phenomena. Therefore, we make reviews of at least the last few years but, occasionally, also of a longer time span, depending on the nature of processes and phenomena presented, as well as we also examine where Hungary is compared to the level before the economic crisis. In order to describe the socio-economic changes in Hungary as accurately as possible, the results of professional and scientific analyses prepared in other organisations and research workshops were used, too, in addition to the data of domestic and international statistical services.


As the aim of the volume is to present the year 2014, changes and processes in and data for the year 2015 cannot be mirrored in this analysis. We recommend those interested in up-to-date data the downloadable publications and tables as well as the dissemination database – allowing for data downloading in line with user needs – available on the website of HCSO.


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