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Press release, 14.07.2023.

The Fényes Elek Awards of this year have been handed out

Dr. Áron Kincses, the President of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) handed out Fényes Elek Awards in recognition of excellence in statistics, in its practical application and development, for

  • Mónika Freid, former Deputy President of the HCSO, in recognition of her outstanding professional work in further developing the dissemination activity,
  • Dr. Károly Kocsis, Széchenyi Award laureate Director of the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, in recognition of his work in forming strong cooperation, outstanding working relations between the HCSO and the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, as well as for
  • Dr. Gabriella Vukovich, former President of the HCSO, in recognition of her professional career and her work in scientific and applied Hungarian official statistics, its regulation and further development, in the professional leadership of the Official Statistical Service as well as in developing the international official statistical cooperation.

The festive Fényes Elek Award ceremony has been held in the main building of the HCSO in Budapest, on 14 July 2023.

Fényes Elek Award ceremony
The Fényes Elek Award. Fényes Elek (1807–1876) was an author in statistics of economy and in geography, a main figure of the embourgeoisement during the Hungarian Reform Era, begetter of the homeland knowledge outlook and workings, the first major representative of the Hungarian economic statistics. The state award named after him is granted annually to specialists for their outstanding professional achievements in statistics.


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