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Press release, 16.06.2014.

Gabriella Vukovich Acting Chair of UN Statistical Commission


The Bureau of the UN Statistical Commission elected unanimously dr. Gabriella Vukovich, Honorary Professor, President of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the Acting Chair of the Commission until March 2015, the end of the 45th session.

The UK Chairperson of the Commission, elected at the beginning of 2014, resigned from office due to her retirement. The Bureau decided during the election made in accordance with the rules of procedure of the UN to invite Gabriella Vukovich to fill the position of Acting Chair, pointing out in its explanatory statement that she was found the most suitable person to fill the position based on her activities made during her mandate as President of the Commission for two years.

The President of HCSO filled the position of President of the UN Statistical Commission between March 2012 and March 2014. It is to be remembered that the UN General Assembly endorsed the document containing the fundamental principles of official statistics, which first raised the requirements of the independence, objectivity and transparency of official statistics as well as the increased protection of individual data collected for statistical purposes to the level of global political commitment, in January 2014, on the proposal of Hungary, as a result of the activities of Gabriella Vukovich as President of the Statistical Commission.



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