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Press release, 17.12.2014.

Since December 2014, grossing up data of the Labour Force Survey is based on the 2011 census data


In order to ensure comparability, earlier estimates were modified in the static tables available on the HCSO website (STADAT). to 2006 retrospectively. In the Dissemination Database, which can also be found here, the data with new weights are continuously uploaded, and the display of additional dynamic tables is expected to be possible from the database from 16 January onwards. (Data based of the 2001 census are still available in the archive.)


The quarterly anonymized micro-data files are also prepared with the new weights to 2006 retrospectively. From the beginning of January 2015, the micro-data of 2013 and 2014 will be available in the research room of HCSO, then, the files of the previous quarters will continually be made available to our users. The previously purchased anonymized data files between 2006 and 2014 will be replaced free of charge upon the request of our users, and our new costumers can purchase them under the earlier conditions.


From December 2014 onwards, estimates based on the 2011 base are published in our analyses (Labour market trends, as well as the first releases Employment and Unemployment) too.


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