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Press release, 18.09.2013.

Doors Open Days in the Hungarian Central Statistical Office
As part of the events of the Cultural Heritage Days and the International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013)
21-22 September 2013


What is in the office of the president of the HCSO? How are GDP data, which are confidential up to the last moment, published? Among others, these questions will be answered for those visiting the Hungarian Central Statistical Office on 21-22 September. The institute opens its doors for visitors as part of the events of the Cultural Heritage Days and the International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013). Visitors are welcome during the weekend in the Headquarters and the library designed by Győző Czigler.


Guided tours will take place in every half hour on both days between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. (the first guided tour will start at 9 a.m. and the last one at 2 p.m. on both days). On both days, a guided tour in English will also be offered at 2:15 p.m. Tours last approximately 1 hour and are limited to 30 people.


During the weekend interesting presentations will also be held for our visitors to highlight some points of interest in statistics. Our offices will be opened for those interested to take a look behind the scenes of how statistics are made, to try out our visualization techniques and to become a statistician for some minutes. ‘Over-the-counter data’, thesis consulting, poster exhibition, video screening, discount books will be offered to our guests.


Those visiting the library may become familiar with the reading rooms, the movable book shelves in the library’s compact storage area and the exquisite office of the director general; browse old maps and once classified documents; furthermore join the library for a discounted charge. Younger children may spend their time with children’s books, colouring books and preparing do-it-yourself bookmarks.


For further information contact our office on the below e-mail address: tajekoztatas@ksh.hu


All those interested are welcome!



About our Headquarters


The speciality of our Headquarters located at 5-7 Keleti Károly u. is that it is one of the few purpose-built buildings still in its original use. Though the idea of an independent office of statistics had been raised in the reform diet of 1844, several decades had passed before our own Headquarters was constructed. The first official Hungarian Statistical Service was set up in 1848. However, this initiative died with the war of independence. After the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, a department of statistics, headed by Károly Keleti, was set up in 1867 in the framework of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Trade. The statistical service was housed in the own home of Károly Keleti for a time at 20 Aldunasor (now Széchényi Quay). As time progressed, the number of tasks and staff increased, thus statisticians were repeatedly relocated. Due to these transitory circumstances, it was not possible to do a responsible job and provide timely and reliable data for the government in office. Finally, the well reputed architect Győző Czigler was selected to design the Headquarters. The building of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office was completed in 1898. Nowadays, it is a landmark building for this neighbourhood.





Hungarian Central Statistical Office

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Postal address: P.O.B. 51 Budapest, H-1525