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Press release, 19.10.2009.

We published the Statistical Yearbook of Hungary, 2008!

The Statistical Yearbook of Hungary is the most significant and each year the most welcome publication of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office.
This comprehensive data collection contains in nearly 600 tables detailed and interesting data on almost all socio-economic fields.
A CD annexed to the yearbook is also available to users. It includes manageable tables in re-editable format, coloured charts and interactive thematic maps.

Did you know that...

  • until the age of 43 there were more males than females in the population, while over that females were in majority;
  • 65.3% and 53.0% of males and females of working age (aged 15-61), respectively, were employed;
  • financial institutions had paid HUF 8.1 million on average on the purchase of new dwellings, while this amount had reached HUF 7.5 million in case of both the purchase of old dwellings and redemption, which had been more than earlier on;
  • based on data of physicians serving kindergartens and schools the most frequent deficiencies per thousand examined children had been flat food, abnormal posture, disorders of refraction and obesitas;
  • the share of admissions in full-time education in universities and colleges increased year by year;
  • among hotels the occupancy rate of rooms had been the highest in four- and five-star hotels, while two-star hotels had had the lowest occupancy rate?

Further interesting and useful data are available in the Statistical Yearbook of Hungary, 2008 that has just been published.